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Win a trip to Harry Potter Studios for your class

Harry Potter Competition

Closing date 14th October

To celebrate the opening of Professor Sprout’s greenhouse, Harry Potter Studios are giving away a magical prize including:

  • Studio Tour tickets for a group of up to 40 students and 8 adults
  • An exclusive lesson inside the greenhouse set
  • A copy of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book for each student, provided by Bloomsbury
  • Artwork of the winning entry created by Harry Potter storyboard artist Nick Pelham
  • A goodie bag for the lead teacher
  • Free return travel



To be in with a chance of winning, we’re challenging students to get creative and imagine their own magical plant creation, using Professor Sprout’s greenhouse as inspiration. Try reading the start of Chapter Six of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and watching this clip from the film to get you started. This is where Harry first discovers Greenhouse Three and the magical plants that live inside. Using the descriptions in the book and the scene from the film as inspiration, challenge students to think about what their own magical plant would look like, what properties it would have and how it might be useful.


Submissions can be in any format, whether that’s a piece of writing, a drawing, or a physical object! Bring your entry into school so your teacher can take a photo or scan of your work and submit using the entry form below. Submissions are welcome from students of all ages up to 19 years old and the winning entry will be selected based on creativity and imagination.



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