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Easter Holiday Activities

Easter Holiday Activities



Why not have a go at some of these fun Easter themed activities during your two weeks holiday.

Try some of these egg-citing Easter challenges:

  1. Design a vehicle that can transport a hard boiled egg safely from one point to another.
  2. Design a device that will protect a hard boiled egg when it is dropped from a height.
  3. Design some packaging for a new Easter egg.
  4. Create an advert to promote a new Easter egg. This could be for a poster / billboard, a digital display advert or an advert for radio / television / cinema.
  5. Write the Easter bunny's diary entry about his / her disastrous day delivering the eggs.
  6. Write a recipe for a delicious Easter treat... or try following a recipe to make your own!
  7. Design an Easter basket that can carry your Easter treats!
  8. Make a comic strip or an animation with an Easter theme.
  9. Make an Easter hat to wear.
  10. Build an Easter egg / bunny using Lego or other construction toys.
  11. Design an Easter card to send to a friend.
  12. Write your own Easter shape poem.
  13. Find out how Easter is celebrated in different parts of the world. Could you create a news report or an ebook to teach others what you discover?
  14. Use programming software to design a game with an Easter theme.
  15. Plan an Easter egg hunt that others can try. Can you set up some clues and hide them in safe places around your house / garden?
  16. Design a card / board game with an Easter theme.
  17. Create an egg launcher that will fire a small toy egg as far as possible (ensuring that there is nobody in the way first!)


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