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Vision and Values



One of our children asked a question about our motto ‘Why Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks?’ This was our reply-


‘As we grow we start small like an acorn, but then we grow to be big and strong like an oak tree.

What we learn in school is like this too- we start small, learning about ourselves, our Palfrey school and community, then our wider area such as Walsall and Birmingham, next England and the United Kingdom and finally the World! So the places and things we learn about grow and grow and spread out, just like an oak tree.

Whenever we learn something new in Maths or Literacy or about life, we start small and our skills and knowledge grow stronger and stronger as we go along.’


The vision at Palfrey Junior School is to provide our children with the skills, knowledge, values and understanding that will equip them for their future lives. We want our school to be a place where they can nurture their talents and abilities. It is our intention to present all children at our school a rich, varied and fun curriculum and opportunities to develop the building blocks they need to become confident and effective members of society in future.


We want to foster in them a sense of belonging and connectedness, starting with school and home, radiating out to the local area, Britain and then the World. As the children move through the school, we want to help them grow in confidence and independence as learners but also as individuals. We want them to value their own culture, community and heritage whilst upholding British Values. We consider tolerance and respect as core values in our school and aim to promote equality and diversity. Whilst we are proud of our school and community, we also build strong relationships outside our immediate area. In this way, we seek to challenge stereotypes and tackle discrimination.


We believe in forging strong, happy and caring relationships between and with pupils and parents. We encourage the children to realise that they have potential and can always improve through hard work and commitment. We encourage each child to contribute to the school community and every effort is valued.


The Palfrey Junior School vision is then that we all grow and gain strength so that great things can come from small beginnings.



Cheryl Collis and Emily Kinsey


Heads of School

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