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Dear Parents/Guardians


As you are aware Palfrey Junior school is participating in the School Streets programme which was launched to encourage social distancing as well as to reduce congestion and parking. School Streets introduced new restrictions that excluded traffic from entering, leaving or travelling through the streets selected outside our school at key times of the day.


The A*STARS Team in conjunction with Transport for Midlands would now like to learn more about the impact of the scheme for our parents and have set up an online survey to help gauge feedback.

Survey can be accessed via the following link.


Survey Closes at 5pm Monday 19th July.


Thank you for your support.

Click on the image to take you to the A* Stars website


A*STARS is a fun and exciting programme designed to encourage sustainable travel and road safety on journeys to and from schools and colleges.


There is lots of information below. Have a look at who our Sherrifs are or catch up on our newsletters!


What is A*Stars?


The A*STARS programme is a series of walking, cycling, scooting and road safety initiatives, along with training, expertise and support that is given to schools to help them to develop and promote safer, healthier lifestyle choices for all.


The programme promotes health and wellbeing by combining and providing road safety, health and sustainable travel education, training and awareness. It targets all educational establishments and school communities; supporting children’s development at every stage from birth to adulthood.


The Benefits of the A*STARS Programme:

  • Ensures that schools have access to road safety, sustainable travel, parking enforcement and other associated council traffic management and engineering services
  • Offers a tailor made package of road safety and sustainable travel measures designed to suit an individual school’s needs
  • Offers free resources, training and support
  • Raises awareness of road safety issues in and around school
  • Provides opportunities to increase levels physical activity
  • Uses a dedicated A*STARS website to support and deliver the programme



  • Increase the number of pupils using all forms of safer, sustainable travel on the journey to and from schools and provide evidence of modal shift
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of healthy lifestyles, road safety and sustainable travel by providing education, training and encouragement
  • Provide a safer, cleaner environment in the vicinity of schools to benefit everyone
  • Enable schools to take ownership of the programme and promote its key messages to parents and the wider community
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