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Safeguarding Information for Parents

County Lines Awareness Video- NCLCC

An information video for Parents/carers - A 10 minute video discussing the issue of County Lines and how this is impacting Children and Vulnerable adults. This video is aimed at adults due to the content and subject area. If you would like your children to watch it please make sure you have watched it first and watch together.

If you require help, support or advice click on the picture below and it will take you straight to Black Country Women's Aid website.

5 Pillars of Parenting Workshop


The 5 Pillars of Parenting was a great success. Parents/carers who took part in the workshop gave very positive feedback and said it was interesting, informative and beneficial.







Hopefully we will be running the workshop again later on in the year so if you are interested in taking part please speak to Mrs Nadat.



Behaviour Management


It is NOT ok to hit your child with a stick, wooden spoon, slipper or any other object it is ILLEGAL.

Hitting a child with any object is a form of ASSAULT  and  CHILD ABUSE .

Part of our job at Palfrey Junior School is to make sure all children are safe and free from the risk of harm – at school and at home. In line with our Safeguarding Policy we will report any safeguarding concerns we have to Social Services and / or the Police.

This is NOT a cultural issue , you should not use this as an excuse. We are in the UK and hitting a child with an object  is AGAINST THE LAW!


We run regular Parenting Workshops. Enquire at the school office for next available dates.


The school’s Safeguarding Policy can be found in the Policy section of the school’s website


If you think your family would benefit from Early Help please contact Miss Thomson for a chat about how we can help.
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