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Walsall Children’s University (WCU) is part of a national organisation that provides 5 to 14 year olds with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours. It celebrates achievement and rewards participation through certificates. It raises the aspirations of children and aims to develop the understanding that learning can be the satellite navigation to better places in life.


 At the heart of its work is the ambition to raise aspirations, boost achievement and foster a love of learning so that all young people can make the most of their abilities and interests.


WCU supports and encourages schools to provide high quality out of school hours learning. WCU promotes advances in learning styles and techniques. WCU works in partnership with others to promote learning benefits to children and young people in Walsall and beyond.  These activities can be provided by anyone. Most are based in and around schools, but some validated learning also takes place in other places such as Walsall College, museums and art galleries.


WCU awards students who reach milestones in the number of hours engaged in those activities. The first award starts at 30 hours of validated learning. There are progressive steps leading to 1000 hours of learning. Full details of the Children’s University awards structure can be seen on the national website.

Children's University Graduation 2022


Well done to the 35 children who graduated from Children's University this year for their participation in extra curricular activities and after school clubs. Children can earn a bronze, silver or gold award depending on the number of hours they complete.


Bronze - 30 + hours 

Aaeesha A,

Aisha S

Alex M

Ameera K,

Ammar K

Anaya H

Assiya A

Ayesha Z

Ayyub C

Benyamin A

Bilal S

David M

Dayyan R

Hajra I

Ismah A

Mehran U

Mercy G

Michael A

Rayhan H

Roshan A

Sabiha B

Saffiyah K

Safiyah B

Shayan A

Sneh K

Tasmiyah A,

Zanairah A

Zayan M




Silver   60+ hours 

Aiasha T

Alyesha M

Aqsa F

Maryam K

Yusuf N

Zayan Z



Gold  100+ hours

Ismail S


Children's University Graduation 2022

                           Children's University Graduation

                                              July 2020 

You can also find current news about about Palfrey Junior School and other Walsall schools participating in the scheme in this area on this website: 
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