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We have a simple school uniform that is worn by all children in the school:

  • Red polo shirt
  • Navy blue school sweat shirt*


(Items marked * are embroidered with the school badge may be bought from: Clive Marks School wear, Quasar Centre, Walsall)


  • Trousers/Skirt or pinafore ( grey, not denim) or blue & white or red & white summer school dress (Summer months only)
  • Black school shoes


Please click on the link below to view the School Uniform.


For PE and Sports children will need a plain white T-shirt and a pair of black shorts, or jogging bottoms.




In the interests of safety, children may not wear any jewellery although religious requirements will be respected. Please inform your child’s teacher about any special arrangements you wish to make.


Our uniform is designed to be practical, easy to clean and good value for money. Our school uniform is also an important part of our behaviour policy: it helps all of our children to have a sense of belonging, and to take pride in being part of our school.

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