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Waste Week 2021 & Eco- Warrior Work



Did you know that the amount of edible food wasted in the UK could fill eight Wembley Stadiums? Or that we throw away 20 million slices of bread EVERY day in the UK, which creates greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to over 140,000 cars every year?


It’s why we’re tackling food waste this Waste Week to help schools, young people and their families reduce unnecessary food waste.

Below, you will find  lots of information and activitities you can have a go at during Waste Week.

Click on this link to take you to the Waste Week Website


Design a Waste Superhero competition 2021.

Favourite superheroes

Before you start, have a think about your favourite superheroes – and what makes them so super! Discuss some of the points below:

► What super powers do they have?

► How do they use them?                                                                       

► Why do they have the super power?

► What message are they trying to teach us?


Make a ‘moodboard’ featuring different pictures of your favourite superhero, which you can use as inspiration for the rest of the activity.


Create your own hero

Now you know how to put the ‘super’ in ‘superhero’ – it’s time to design your own superhero!


The task for your extraordinary character is to tackle the problem of waste and persuade people to consider the 3R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) in everything they do.

But how your Super Waste Man (or Woman!) takes on the evil powers of Waste is entirely up to you!

They could be on a mission to rid the world of thoughtless ‘litterbugs’ or they could be a Monster Cruncher that swallows items which can’t be recycled, and spits them out as biodegradable pellets!


You can design your superhero on the computer, using paper or even make him/her as a 3D model from craft materials. Why not look in the recycling bin for any old junk to use, so it’s a superhero by name and nature?

Once you’ve designed your superhero – either individually or in groups – present them to the rest of the class and explain:

► What super powers your hero has;

 ► How they plan to take on the problem of waste and do good;

 ► How their powers are reflected in their appearance.


Competition will run from the 15th March - 21st April. All entries need to be in school by the 21st April. The winners will receive a prize. Have fun and get creative.


The Busta Bake Competition


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