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Staffing structure as of September 2016


School Leadership Team

Mrs Angela Hill Executive Head Teacher:- Palfrey Junior School  & Butts Primary
Ms Cheryl Collis Head of School
Mrs Emily Kinsey Head of School
Mrs Kerry Shaw Inclusion Manager 


Lower Key Stage 2 Team


Mrs  V Kennedy (Y3 – Class 1) Teacher Mrs S Mayet (Y4 – Class 4) Teacher  
Mrs N Kalra (Y3 – Class 2) Teacher Mrs G Adel (Y4 – Class 5) Teacher  
Mrs B Quiles (Y3 – Class 3) Teacher Ms J Jackson (Y4 – Class 6) Teacher  
Mrs K Mansell (Y3 – Class 15) Teacher  


Upper Key Stage 2 Team 


Mr J Partington (Y5 – Class 7) Teacher Mrs D Jeremiah (Y6 – Class 10) Teacher
Mrs H Selby (Y5 – Class 8) Teacher Miss M Bird (Y6 – Class 11) Teacher
Mrs L Smith / Mrs K Flowers (Y5 – Class 9) Teacher Mrs S Williams (Y6 – Class 12) Teacher
Mrs R Kudhail (Y5 – Class 13)   Mrs M Mayat (Y6 – Class 16) Teacher


Learning Support Assistants 


Miss H Thomson
Safeguarding & Pastoral Support Officer 
Mrs H Nadat  – Community Liason Officer Mrs F Sidat Mrs V Willoughby
Miss P Patel –  HLTA Mrs S Ahmed Mrs F Begum
Mrs S Patel – HLTA Mrs I Patel Mrs K. Sallu
Miss E Holland – HLTA Mrs L. Salloo Mrs F Masood
  Mrs S Tarajia Miss F Surti
  Mrs S Zaman Mrs A Vasyat
  Mr J Ellis  
Sports Coaches Miss S Sumner  



Administration and Technical


School Business Manager Mrs L Taylor Caretakers Mr  S Patel
Administration Management Mrs T Asghar   Mr  I Wall
Senior School Administrator Mrs S Freeman   Mr G Coyne
Senior Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs H Surti Ms D Thompson Mrs S Zaman
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs F Mulla Mrs BQ Shah Mrs H Sidat
  Mrs F Surti   Mrs P Kaur
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