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School Council

Our School Council is made up of one child from each class. To become a class representative on the council, children who were interested in the job had to give a speech describing; why they wanted to be on school council, why they would make a good school councilor and what they hoped to achieve. The rest of the class then voted for the candidate they thought would best listen to and share their ideas and thoughts.  They are YOUR CHOICE for YOUR VOICE.


School Council Elections 2017-18


Well done to all the children who put themselves forward for the job of School Council Representative. I am pleased to announce that following manifesto speeches and a democratic class vote this years School Council has been selected.                                                        All our elected School Council Representatives have promised to;

  • respect everyone's thought, ideas, opinions and suggestions
  • listen to and share those ideas and suggestions
  • help make positive changes to the school (with your help and ideas)
  • be great role models to other students
  • Be Your Voice



Picture 1
Picture 2
               LOWER SCHOOL  (Y3&4)                                                                                                 UPPER SCHOOL (Y5&6)

They have already been busy distributing roles and responsibilities within the School Council, have created posters about themselves to display in their classrooms and are working on suggestion boxes for every class.


We are Digital Leaders 

We have been given an exciting new job to do- we are now Digital Leaders. We will help support others in class and make sure all children know how to be safe online. Our first job has been to work with Mrs Rudge from Walsall LA to design a questionnaire for all the children to complete. We will then go through all the answers with Mrs Rudge and make a plan. We are going to be doing an assembly soon to let everyone know who we are and what we are going to be doing. So ..... watch this space....




Hot Spot not Grot Spot

We turned a 'grot spot' into a 'hot spot' with our art work. It has really brightened up the Year 6 cloakroom. We are proud of our art work and hope everyone else likes it too.


Hot Spot or Grot Spot 6.10.17

Hot Spot or Grot Spot   6.10.17 1

We went around school looking for areas that were hot and others that were grot. We really like our school, there are loads of great things to see and lots of hot spots like; the toilets are all new clean, bright and colourful, there are lots of amazing displays, we have a lovely playground with lots of equipment with lots of things to do and play with.


The only places that we thought were grot, were the cloakrooms between Cl 10 and 9 and Cl 11 & 12. We thought they were rot because they were plain, dull and boring.

So we have decided to create some colourful pieces of art work to display in the boring cloakrooms to improve them and turn them from grot to hot. Take a look at our action plan.

Working hard on our art projects 10.11.17

Working hard on our art projects 10.11.17 1
Working hard on our art projects 10.11.17 2
Working hard on our art projects 10.11.17 3
Working hard on our art projects 10.11.17 4
Working hard on our art projects 10.11.17 5

School Council Story Telling Sessions 3.11.17

School Council Story Telling  Sessions   3.11.17 1

Palfrey Junior School Council 2016-17

We say a big thank you to all the School Council Reps from last year- what a fantastic job you all did. You raised money for different charities, planned and led assemblies throughout the school year, help to improve and encourage better attendance by being monitors, listened to and shared the ideas of all your fellow class mates, helped plan the new and improved adventure playground and were great role models to your peers- wow wow wow.
Picture 1
Picture 2

We have been working really hard this year and have been involved in lots of things-take a look at our Action Plan to see what we have been doing.

Picture 1 Anti-Bullying Assembly
Picture 2 Anti-Bullying Assembly
Picture 3 Sister Dora's Birthday
Picture 4 Sister Dora's Birthday
Picture 5 New Playground Equipment
Picture 6 New Playground Equipment
Picture 7 New Playground Equipment
Picture 8 New Playground Equipment
Picture 9 World Book Day Assembly
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